Microsoft, among some of the biggest names in the markets of technology, is traditionally known for their software business. However, the company has, over the years, been trying to move towards bigger markets. Microsoft is eyeing the hardware industry, and is pushing their way through there. They have their consoles, their smartphones, and most importantly, the Surface series of devices. While the Surface Pro 3 is considered to be among some of the most successful Surface devices, it comes with its own demons. Some users, who bought the device over the last few months, are complaining about a battery life problem.

The users are complaining that the battery life of the device does not last as long as it ideally should. The company tends to give a special priority to the Surface devices, and for all the right reasons too. Over the years, the smartphone sales have been disappointing for Microsoft. The company has lost out billions in the software markets. They have now phased out most of their smartphone division, and are focusing only on the top-end Windows 10 Mobile OS smartphones. However, even in these troubled times, the Surface series of devices were making money for the company. Hence, Microsoft has always given these users the priority treatment.

Coming back to the Surface Pro 3 battery life problem, the company has now claimed that they are close to solving the issue. Greg, an official Forum Moderator at Microsoft Answers has now commented on the matter. He says that the company has come to two conclusions:

  • That this is happening only to a few customers.
  • This is not a hardware problem. It is not a battery-cell issue. The company expects to resolve it with the help of software updates.

Microsoft had rolled out an update last month too, which was supposed to help the Surface Pro 3 users get a battery life improvement. However, it looks like that did not work out for some users. The company is now dedicated towards finding a fix for this problem.