Nokia was among some of the biggest names in the markets of technology for a very long time. The company dominated the mobile phone markets for nearly a decade. They were the pioneers of the mobile phone technology, and had struck gold with the Symbian OS. The Symbian devices ran for quite a while before the Android revolution. However, not everything about Nokia is limited to their smartphone division. The company has various other wings which work on different projects. One popular non-smartphone device that was created by them is that of the Nokia Ozo VR Camera.

The company has now dropped the price of the device. In one of the biggest price drops, the company has slashed $15,000 off the marked price of the device. The Nokia Ozo VR Camera now costs $45,000. It is a teardrop shaped device, and it allows the users to capture 360-degree videos along with a 360×360 surround. This is among some of the most popular 360 degree content recording tools.

The Nokia Ozo VR camera has also expanded its reach now. The company has announced that the device is now available in China as well. Nokia is beginning the pre-orders next month, and shipment will begin in October. The company has tied up with China-based LeEco. The Chinese company will help Nokia distribute their Ozo content via the LeVR.

Nokia had originally flagged off the Nokia Ozo VR Camera back in the December of last year. Back then, the device had been priced in at $60,000. While the price has now been slashed down to $45,000, which is a big relief, the company has not compromised on any aspects of the device. With this price drop, the company is taking a more aggressive approach into the markets. It looks like things are going to get interesting in the VR world soon.