India is among the biggest markets when it comes to the world of technology. The country is in the midst of a major revolution as far as the markets of technology are concerned. There are a number of new players which are rising in the markets, and there are a number of new companies starting off. The country, going through a major socio economic reform, is now all set to enter the 4G revolution. The 4G Revolution in India is being started off by Reliance – a group of companies which have dominated the Indian markets for decades. The company ,with the Reliance Jio carrier, and LYF smartphones is all set to take over the markets by a storm.

In latest news, as is being reported by Droidmen via Phone Radar, it is being expected that Indian smartphone users are all set for a major surprise. While no official announcement is out yet, it will soon be known to all, that the LYF Smartphone users are going to get 4G data for FREE for one entire year! As of now this is the only piece of information that is available.

However, in the days to follow, it is expected that Reliance will soon make an official announcement. One can also expect an FUP limit on the data that the company provides. While the users might be getting free data for the year, it might come with some monthly limits. As of now, the speculations have indicated that the monthly limit might be as high as 75 GB per month!

This is indeed big news. Especially for a country like India, free data could be highly effective in bringing the citizens online. A massive surge in the sales of LYF smartphones is expected in the weeks to follow. While they have been in the markets for a relatively short time, the LYF smartphones already rank 5th in the Indian markets.