Samsung is among the biggest names when it comes to the markets of technology. The company has constantly been surprising the markets with their consumer electronics, as well as smartphones. The company produces a large number of electronic devices, ranging from televisions and refrigerators to microwave ovens and smartphones! However, Samsung’s android smartphone division is what the company is known for, for quite a while. Off the last few years, they have entered into the markets of wearable technology. The Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch is their latest  release which came out last year. The company will soon be introducing the Gear S3 during the IFA 2016 this year.

However, while the Gear S3 is yet to come out, the demand for the Samsung Gear S2 is still quite strong. A number of people are interested in this device, and for those who are still looking out for it, an eBay seller has an incredible deal for a refurbished Gear S2 smartwatch. The Samsung Gear S2 is available for a price of just $99.99!

Over 787 units of this smartwatch have already been sold, and it is among some of the most popular deals in recent times. The device is being offered by the seller guaranteedcellular, who has a positive rating of 97.5%. The smartwatches offered here come with a 30 day return policy. The White as well as the Black variants were being sold earlier on, however, the White variant is now out of stock and only the black variant remains.

The Samsung Gear S2 functions on any smartphone running Android 4.4+, and having more than 1.5GB of RAM. While the device offered here is only for Verizon customers, those who might not be on Verizon can actually get a call forwarding plan for the S2, and it is likely to work without any major issues. Interested users can buy it here.