The last ten days have been very eventful for Google. The company came out with their new video calling app, Google Duo. A couple of days later, the company also released the Android Nougat OS. This was a major update from the company and it has helped bring forward a big change in the markets. However, while the latest version of the Android OS has been all about the thrill and the excitement that a new OS brings, another thing that people tend to overlook in this hullaballoo is the Duo app.

Google Duo has now officially crossed 5 million downloads! The app has been on top of the free new apps list for the past one week, and has been a major success. While early on there were many speculations that surrounded this new release from Google, the bigger question was that would it be able to survive in the markets where Skype and WhatsApp exist? However, Google, with their latest app has proven yet again the power of simplicity.

The Google Duo comes out with one of the simplest interfaces for video calling. There have been a number of apps that provide a similar function, but none as effective as duo in bringing in the simplicity. Google had done it in the past with the Google Talk chat app, which was known for its minimal layout, they’ve done it again with Duo.

Users can make a call in as less as two clicks with it, which in itself is a major solution to complexity. Google, with the Google Duo, is all set to innovate the markets of technology as we know them to be. The company is on the verge of a major revolution, and with Android Nougat OS already out, things are going to change much faster than anyone anticipated them to. Google is all set to take another step forward towards revolutionizing the communication industry one Google Allo releases in the weeks to follow.