Apple is among the biggest names when it comes to the markets of technology. The company has been around for quite a long time. They are bringing forward a number of changes in the way we know the markets to be, and are constantly innovating the markets, taking it forward. However, while the company might present the iPhones as the greatest invention of mankind after the wheel, the fact is that even the iPhones are prone to controversies. There have been a number of issues over the years, including bendgate, antennagate etc. The latest controversy that is plaguing the iPhone devices that of the touch disease.

Touch Disease is a name given to a problem which leads in unresponsive touch screen in the iPhone. The problem is being observed only in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus devices. While this begins with the touch screen getting unresponsive, the phone ultimately ends up with a grey bar on the screen. Based on research, it has been observed that the root cause of the problem is actually two chips on the iPhone 6 and 6 plus devices that control the touch.

Devices affected by Touch Disease are those devices where the solder between the two chips becomes weak. The simpler fix for those willing to open their iPhones is to simply get it soldered by a professional. However, Apple Stores and official technicians are not equipped for repairing these devices. Those who would still opt for official repairs might end up getting their logic board fully replaced.

Additionally, the root cause of the Touch Disease problem is quite similar to the root cause of the bendgate too. Because these devise flex so much, the solder between the chips tend to go through more wear and tear than any other iPhone device. Hopefully Apple will take care of this with their gen-next iPhone 7 devices.