Twitter is among the biggest names when it comes to the world of social media. While many may say that Twitter is on a decline, and might be sold out soon, it remains market gossip. The company still has a decent strength in the number games, and while they are indeed going through financial difficulties, they are still working on plans that would help turn things around. The company now intends to bring forward a new keyword blocking tool which will allow users to block tweets aimed at them with certain keywords.

Given the fact that the internet gives a major platform for creating new identities and hiding behind screens, people tend to get more vocal from time to time. While criticism may or may not be constructive, sometimes the language becomes unacceptable, and many people tend to ignore these hateful comments. Twitter now plans to give users the ultimate control and they can now block certain keywords which will ensure that hate is kept away with this keyword blocking tool.

Cyber bullying and online harassment is a big issue in the modern day and age. It is a major problem that a number of people have faced at some point in their life. This is now being taken care of, as companies are all gearing up for a fight against this kind of abusive behaviour. A few weeks ago, Instagram too started off with a similar tactic for major profiles and celebrities, they intend to release it for the public too.

Twitter too, has followed in the footsteps of Instagram here, and has now decided to prevent all forms of online harassment by giving the power to the users to block hateful comments with the help of a new keyword blocking tool. As of now this report is based on a story by Bloomberg, however, the company is yet to officially announce the keyword blocking tool.