Over the last few years, while there have been a number of software changes to the way we know the Android smartphones to be, there have also been a number of hardware changes. The hardware changes have particularly accelerated in the past couple of years, and a major design change can now be observed. Older users would know there was a time when a fingerprint scanner would be considered a luxury. It has now been becoming increasingly common though. PayPal and AT&T have recently added the fingerprint login option to their respective apps.

The PayPal app did already support fingerprint login, but only for the Samsung API, which allowed them to use this feature only on the Samsung smartphones. However, they have now updated their app, and it works with nearly every fingerprint scanner compatible smartphone in the market. For an app which is all about monetary transactions and the use of money, Paypal introducing this was a much appreciated move.

In addition to PayPal, even myAT&T app, the primary AT&T app has introduced this feature. The app now allows the users to log in with the help of their fingerprint for all compatible devices. The myAT&T app received this update yesterday. As a part of this update, the users also get access to a new feature called AT&T Thank, which is basically a collection of their reward points.

With major apps like these getting fingerprint login support, it is expected that many other major names in the industry will soon follow the trend. Fingerprint scanners are becoming a common element of smartphones, and are available even in some entry level smartphones nowadays. The markets of technology are indeed progressing at a rapid pace, and hardware changes are now slowly integrated well. Expect more such changes in the years to follow.