Reliance, with their LYF branded smartphones and their Reliance Jio SIM cards is working on a plan of market domination. The company is among some of the oldest, well established names in the Indian smartphone markets, and is now looking forward towards bringing forward a big change in the way we know data connectivity to be. Reliance is about to set the Indian markets into a 4G revolution. The Jio Preview Offer being offered by the Reliance Jio users gives the users a glimpse of what the future holds for them.

The Jio Preview Offer entitles the users to 90 days of unlimited 4G Data, Calling and Text Messages. This is among some of the most popular schemes introduced by Reliance. When the offer initially began, it was only for the owners of the Reliance LYF branded smartphones. However, in the weeks to follow, the Jio Preview Offer reached a number of other smartphone makers.  In addition to that, the company is expected to give a year’s worth of free 4G data to their consumers who use the Reliance LYF smartphones.

Reliance is now taking a new plan into action soon. Based on the information obtained via a Facebook group of Reliance Jio enthusiasts, it has been observed that the company is now planning on a SIM delivery service. Basically, if you cant reach Reliance Jio, Reliance Jio reaches you! It looks like a fairly simple system but would meet a huge demand once put into execution.

The idea is simple – users register for a Reliance Jio SIM, and instead of them lining up for it, they get it straight to their homes at their convenience. However, the bigger question would be that of the manpower required to execute this as millions of people are looking up to this offer. It would help them reach a much larger group of people once they begin with it.