Among the biggest names in the markets of technology, Apple has been a company which has not only witnessed the times change, but has also been a major catalyst helping bring forward this change into the markets. Apple, with their upcoming launches in September, is all set to introduce a major innovation in the markets. Apple’s iPhone 7 is all set to come out on the 7th of September. While Apple has not confirmed the arrival of the iPhones, they have sent out invites for their event, which is a clear indication of a new iPhone coming out.

This is that time of the year the company traditionally announces its new devices. The buzz in the markets is that the latest device to be unveiled this year would be the iPhone 7. Apple’s confirmation now sets things on fire, and the countdown officially begins! The event will be held in San Francisco, and would most likely showcase the new iPhone, along with the chances of a new Apple Watch being released too.

However, while the reports regarding the release of an Apple Watch lack clarity, the release of the new iPhone is something which is bound to happen. Apple is all set to introduce many new innovations and features in this new iPhone. The iPhone 7 would be releasing with dual cameras in the back, as well as additional features such as waterproofing and much more.

It is also expected that the iPhone 7 would be coming out with a pressure-sensitive touchID sensor. This would be quite similar to what the company did with their last Macbook. The device has also been anticipated to release in a Space Black variant, and is set to feature a greater storage space than ever before, speculated to be 256GB. The biggest question that has been making rounds on the internet is regarding the 3.5mm port, which is likely to be removed from the new iPhone. With nearly a week to go, let us see what Apple has in store for us on the 7th!