When it comes to the markets of software technology, there is perhaps no name as big as that of Microsoft Corporations’. The company has been dominating the software markets for over the past 40 years, and has brought forward a large number of innovations in the way the markets function. With the Surface series of devices, Microsoft markets their entry into the hardware businesses too. The hardware side of things has not been going too well for Microsoft, but the Surface series continues to impress. Over the past few days, there had been a major issue the users of the Surface Pro 3 device had been facing. The company now claims that it has now been fixed.

The problem that the users of the Surface Pro 3 had been facing was that of the battery life not lasting as long as it should. The company, earlier this month, had claimed that they were working on a fix for this problem.  Microsoft, back then had claimed that this problem was limited only to a few users, and that it was not a hardware problem.

In what comes as a good news for the owners of these devices, the company has now released a fix for the issue. The company has stated that in a few devices, the battery was not being reported properly to the OS, which was resulting in an incomplete charging of the Surface Pro 3. Hence, the devices were being discharged faster. Microsoft tried explaining this in simpler terms, as they said:

“Think of this like a fuel gauge in a car, where the car looks to the fuel gauge to determine how much to fill the tank. In this case, if the fuel gauge isn’t working right, the car would also not be able to fill the tank-even though the tank is fine.”

Users who are affected by this problem can check their system for updates. They need to go to settings, navigate to Update & security, and then move forward to Windows Update. Following that, they need to choose ‘Check for Updates’ option. This will help them install the update which will resolve the battery life issue in the Surface Pro 3 devices.