Xiaomi, among some of the top names in the markets of technology, has been coming out with a number of innovations over the years. The company has introduced a large number of devices over the years, and are known for their quirky gadgets such as umbrellas and mosquito repellents. The company has today launched the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum, a robotic vacuum cleaner. This was being anticipated to be announced for the past few days, and the company has officially made the announcement today.

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The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum comes out as the latest member of the Xiaomi family of devices. It has been created by Rockrobo, a company that Xiaomi owns. In terms of the design and external build, this Xiaomi vacuum cleaner is quite similar to the numerous other such robotic vacuum cleaners. However, the difference lies in the details! Rockrobo has introduced this vacuum cleaner with the Laser Distance Sensor (LDS).

Thanks to the LDS, the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum can scan its surroundings in a 360 degree view, 1800 times per second. This is what makes it incredibly accurate. Another impressive element of this device is the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithm. This allows the robot to map up a user’s home, and based on the calculations it generates after the scan, it calculates the cleaning path. The device features a 5200mAh battery.

It is this mapping intelligence which makes it a superior product. The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum also features 12 sensors, as well as a number of additional features. It connects to the Mi Home app. Users can turn the Mi Robot Vacuum on and off with the app. In addition to that, they can also set regular cleaning schedules using the app. This takes things to a whole new level. The Mi Robot Vacuum will be available for purchase in China starting September 6th, and it is priced at 1,699 Yuan ($254).