Previously, Ringing Bells a Noida based company launched the smartphone Freedom 251 which is supposed to be the cheapest smartphone in the world having the price just Rs 251 which is quite equivalent to $4. The company after that also released some of the other smartphones and TV sets.

After the success of the Freedom 251 and companies one-year completion in the market, it’s going to start the Loyalty Programme. In this Loyalty Programme, the user will be able to purchase any of the three differently named Gold, Silver and Platinum cards worth Rs 500, 1000 and 2000 respectively. Using these Loyalty cards, the user will be getting discounts on the purchase of Ringing Bells products for the next one year. All the interested users can register for the card from September 1st 12PM onwards.

As per the reports by a company’s spokesperson, the company has sold around 4lac units to the customers and also gained good reviews about the product. On completion of one year and success of Freedom 251, Company has come up with the loyalty programme to give value to its customer.

Using this loyalty card, the user will be getting 5%, 10% and 15% discount on the purchase of any of the Ringing Bells products for next one year. Also, on the purchase of Gold or Silver cards, the user will be getting one Freedom 251 mobile free, while on the purchase of Platinum card, the user will get two mobile phones for free. The currently available products by the company are Raja, King, Elegant and Hit priced at Rs 699, Rs 3999 and Rs 9900(Tv Set) and Rs 399(Powerbanks) respectively.

These Loyalty cards can be purchased by the users online. The booking will start on its Site. The user will be able to use the card from the very first day. For any queries regarding the cards, the user can call  to Helpline No 000-800-100-4446.