“We are going to keep pushing the watch forward”, was the philosophy behind the arrival of this new Apple Watch Series 2 device from Apple. The much awaited device was finally announced at the Apple Event today, and it comes with many new features. Let us take a detailed look at this gen next smartwatch from Apple:

The Apple Watch Series 2 features an upgrade from being splash-proof to becoming swim-proof. The smartwatch is resistant up to 50m in water. Over the years, it has been observed that the problem in waterproofing devices is with the speakers. This is because speakers need open spaces for audio to get out. However, in this gen next Apple Watch the speakers eject water!

This time around, the company has heavily focused on the health information. Swimming information in particular has been their highlight. The company has done a detailed analysis of calories burnt while swimming. Data from 700 swimmers has been collected and averaged for the most accurate readints. The watch observes the way the user swims, and soon develops a more accurate calorie information for them.

The Apple Watch Series 2 device features a dual core processor, which is 50% faster compared to the previous watch. A new GPU that delivers twice the performance as the previous one has been introduced. In addition to that, Apple has also commented on how their display is the ‘brightest display ever’ on an Apple device, at 1000nits. The company says that the watch displays vivid colors even in the bright sunlight.

Walking and running are two of the most popular activities in the world. The watch now comes with a built-in GPS. This was one of the most awaited updates from the company. While it helps the users workout well, at the end of the workout, the users would see a map on their phones colour-coded on their speed.

The company also introduced us to Ranger -  first ever hiking app on the Apple Watch. Ranger comes with preloaded hike details and instructions. It offers the users with views and destinations on the route as well. It notifies the users if they go off-route. A number of fun-facts are also included in the app. Ranger knows when you have reached the destination. All of this in just a smartwatch!

Talking about the build of the Apple Watch Series 2, the device comes in a number of variants. It comes in aluminum, stainless steel, as well as ceramic. A white ceramic Apple Watch with a pearly shine has been introduced this year. This is 4 times harder than stainless steel - a perfect combination of beauty and strength.

In addition to this, Apple has also tied up with Nike. The companies have worked with each other for over a decade. Apple Watch Nike Plus was announced at the event. This smartwatch takes this alliance to a whole new level.

The Apple Watch Nike Plus is a watch designed especially for runners. It features a perforated band, which is stretchy and light. It comes paired with an aluminum case, which is ideal for running. Trevor Edwards, president of Nike took the stage to announce more details about this smartwatch from Apple and Nike.

Talking about the pricing of the Apple Watch Series 2 devices, the smartwatch begins at $369 for both, the regular, as well as the Nike Plus variant.  In addition to this, the original Apple Watch now gets a dual cored processor, and is priced in at $269. This older generation of watches has been rebranded as Apple Watch series 1. Pre-orders begin from the 9th of September.