City to City Travel Across The Globe in Less Than an Hour with BFR: Elon Musk


Elon Musk - the real life equivalent of Tony Stark has been at it again! While his company SpaceX is developing rockets which will help humans reach the moon and mars, his latest announcement was rather surprising. Elon Musk announced the BFR - Big F*cking Rocket which allows city to city transport in under 1 hour from anywhere to anywhere in the globe.

The man has been known for bringing erratic ideas to life and has been very vocal when it comes to the future of technology. Space technology has been of particular interest to this Billionaire. While everything is theoretical at the moment, Elon Musk intends to create big rockets which would take humans from one city to another in less than an hour. The BFR project is indeed quite exciting.

However, it will require an intense amount of scientific research and hardwork to get it built because of the potential dangers associated with travelling via a rocket. This is something that scientists have been avoiding for years but Elon Musk is willing to give a try head-on.

In a video that demonstrates this process, Elon Musk shows humans getting on a rocket launcher and travelling from New York to Shanghai in under an hour. The rocket takes off from New York and settles at a launching pad in Shanghai. These rockets are the same ones which Elon Musk intends to send humans to Mars in by 2024. The man has quite a foresight into the future.

With this technology, you can potentially travel between Hong Kong to Singapore in 22 minutes, London to Dubai or New York in 29 minutes, and Los Angeles to Toronto in 24 minutes. Once completed this would be the fastest mode of travel ever created. While airplanes are considered the safest means of travel, Elon Musk has demonstrated that his rockets are safe too. With 16 consecutive safe landings, it is one of the safest rockets we know of. However only time  can tell if humans are ready for this.