Cloud computing has been hailed as the future of the world of technology over the past several years. There have been a number of developments in the way things function in the world of cloud computing. Many major names have adapted to it, Google with their Google Drive, Apple with the Apple Backup, Microsoft with the OneDrive, etc are just a few examples of it. The latest name to start off with their ambitious project in the world of cloud technology is Indian telecom giant, Airtel. The company is now offering 2GB of Free Airtel Cloud Backup for the users of the MyAirtel App.

Ever since Reliance started off with the Reliance Jio internet and telecommunication services in India, the markets shook up. There was as major change that we knew was approaching the markets. Companies like Airtel have started diversifying now, and the Airtel Cloud Backup might just be one such attempt to diversify.

A number of Airtel customers who have the latest version of the MyAirtel App installed on their phones are getting a pop-up notification that takes them to the Airtel Cloud Backup option in the app. This is available for the users of the MyAirtel app v4.1.3. As of now this feature has not been listed in the company’s changelog on the Google Play Store.

This new Airtel Cloud Backup option is available on the main page below the manage account section. Users will then see various categories, based on which they could easily take backups. The app will automatically begin the backup based on a scheduled time between 1am to 5am. As of now there is a 2GB limit on backups, which is quite less as per the modern standards. However, with this update to the MyAirtel app and the introduction of Airtel Cloud Backup, Airtel is looking forward to inculcate the habit of using cloud storage among the Indian consumers.