Google, the search engine giant has finally revealed it’ AI based Messaging app, Allo. This app is available for both Android and iOS users. Currently, People are used to five messaging apps in their daily life like WhatsApp for Chatting, FaceBook to connect with their friends, Snapchat for sending snaps, Telegram for an end to end encrypted SMS and skype for video calling.

Google in it’s I/O developer conference has released Google Duo, the video calling app and also unveiled that soon to release Google’s AI-Centric messaging App Allo. Allo has various excited features and Company is going to integrate various new features in near future.

Google Duo, is a Video calling App which Provides end-to-end Encryption while Google Allo doesn’t have End-to-End Encryption by default but you can Turn it on. Besides this, Duo is linked to only phone number Allo is linked to both Phone Number and your Google’s Account. Allo Provides Feature of Google’s Assistant and shows search results in the App. You can disable linking of Google’s Account, but then you will miss the key feature provided by Google.

Google Allo has various Awesome features like Smart Reply by which you can respond to any photo or text without typing a word and in your own style. New Stickers have been introduced in the App which allows you chat with your friends in an easy manner. Another exciting feature is Shout or whisper, Say it louder and quieter can respond to the text without changing it in ALL CAPS. Also, Google Assistant, preview edition has been integrated into the app by which you can search for nearby places, share videos to your friends. You have to simply type @google and then Search Phrase. For Ex: I have searched for @google cinema nearby and found the results as shown in the image.

There are two ways by which you can search, one is by directly with the Google Assistant and other is by typing @google and then the Phrase. In Allo, messages are encrypted by default while it doesn’t use End-to-End Encryption. Google’ Assistant is now in its preview state and will soon to roll out some exciting product as smart speaker Google Home. Google is trying to make it’s apps smarter and better day by day and will announce superb new features in the future.