When it comes to the world of online mapping, Google Maps goes nearly unchallenged. However, there is one name, which constantly gives them a run for their money is that of HERE maps. They are known for their innovative approach to mapping, and tend to release a number of updates and upgrades which improve the experience of using a map. Jointly owned by Volkswagen, BMW, and Daimler AG, the companies have come in agreement over a new form of partnership where they’ll share traffic data with each other.

HERE Maps is expected to soon introduce four new services based on this crowdsourced data. These services would help the users get the best driving experience possible. The services will allow the drivers to share the recordings of various sets of data with HERE Maps. These include various traffic conditions, as well as data regarding accidents, traffic jams, fogs, slippery roads, unsafe driving conditions, and much more. Collating all this data together could help the users get a much deeper understanding of the area they are driving in.

It is expected to soon send out real-time updates which would help the drivers know what kind of an area are they heading into, and they would take an action based on the information. As of now the speculation is that this will not be a feature exclusive to BMW, Volkswagen and Daimler AG. There have been talks that the companies are expected to allow this feature to expand in the first half of the next year.

For those who might remember, HERE Maps has now been re-branded to Here WeGo. The company was earlier known for their association with the Nokia Lumia devices, and with the Windows OS. However, things have since changed, and HERE Maps is now all set for bigger and better things. Crowdsourcing is indeed a good idea when it comes to mapping.