Google has been a company that has seen nothing but success since it was established. The reason for that is it has become such a worldwide phenomenon which can help everyone anywhere in any language on any particular topic. Google have been expanding its market reach by stepping into the hardware game by releasing the Pixel phones. One of the more successful things that Google has to offer is Chrome. Chrome is a web browser which is deemed as the easiest and fast to use among others.

Chrome Remote Desktop is a rather obscure Google product, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful. Once the desktop application is installed, you can control it from any Android device, iOS device, or computer (with Chrome). In my testing, it actually works extremely well, often with a lower latency than popular remote access applications like TeamViewer.

The latest update, Chrome Remote Desktop 53, finally brings remote sound support. This means that any audio from the remote PC is forwarded to your device automatically, and in my testing, quality was almost identical between the host and client. Unfortunately, there is no way to alter audio levels from inside the Remote Desktop app; you have to change it from inside the remote operating system.

Still, this is one of the best free remote desktop applications, and v53 only makes it better. However, the desktop app is still a Chrome app, which Google is phasing out on Windows/Mac/Linux. Google will have to convert the desktop app to a Chrome extension (or to an actual native application) in the near future to ensure users can still access it. The update is still rolling out on the Play Store, so you might need to download it from APKMirror if you want v53 right away. You will also need to install and set up the Chrome app on whatever computer you want to control, if you haven’t done so already.