Businesses in the modern world function on data. It is data that drives all business decisions, and the business owners need to be smart to know the trends. Not only do they need to realize what the trends are, they also need to know when the trends are changing. While not everyone could be an expert in trend analysis, people can always take help of Google Analytics. It is the perfect solution for all your business analytics needs. However, while a simpler business might function well with this, things get complex when a business owner tends to run multiple businesses. Realtime Mega gives the perfect solution to this problem.

Webmasters who own multiple websites often find it very hectic to keep looking at various websites to gain these insights from the data. Things become even more complex as the sites grow and become viral. Tracking of data becomes an even more complex task. Realtime Mega clubs all the different websites and android apps owned by a business owner, and shows their analytics data and insights under one screen.

While theoretically it sounds rather complex, Realtime Mega makes this quite simple and easy to understand. Google Analytics data has now become much easier to interpret, especially when multiple properties are concerned.

While data is important to the business owner, it can be critical to the rivals. Security is a major issue in today’s day and age. The founder of the app was asked, ‘Why would someone trust a third party tool?’, The reply was “We don’t store the real-time count, We don’t even store the website URL, we just have the Website ID, that too is not observed by us.” Hence, the security concerns too, go out of the window. Google Analytics is now at your fingertips, and you too, can manage multiple properties with great ease now! Read more about Realtime Mega on their Producthunt page.