Microsoft has been a company that is very used to and fond of success right from the beginning. The company has seen some lows and a lot of highs over the time. Microsoft has had its hand in a lot of different markets for a long time now. One of the most successful product of Microsoft has been the software Windows flagship. Windows Operating system has had such huge success over the time that it has made its name in the legend area for itself and for Microsoft as well. As the times are changing so is the technology around us.

The company Microsoft has made sure that with all the changing times and all the not changing but progressing updating or even evolving technology, the company has managed time and time again to keep its top product that is the Microsoft operating system up to date and even taken a lot of revolutionary steps towards a better, faster and a more technologically advanced future. Windows has been the main operating system for generations of computer or laptop users and Microsoft has not let them down.

In the latest edition of the Windows operating system flagship, Microsoft unveiled the grand Windows 10 making it the newest addition to the Microsoft family. People have been more than just satisfied with the latest edition of Windows operating system. Windows 10 have got a great response from all over the world for its easy to use and connective and a lot of other features. But as they say, technology is always evolving and so does Microsoft keep working on making windows 10 better by the second by releasing new updates as soon as they have something new to offer. Just like any other update which will help make your experience of an already amazing Windows 10 better, on 18th of October Microsoft will be releasing a new update for time and data in the Turkish regions and all over the world.