Microsoft is among some of the biggest names when it comes to the world of technology. The company has been around the markets for a long time, and has constantly brought forward a number of innovations. With the Windows 10 OS last year, Microsoft introduced a major innovation in the markets of technology. The company is all set to bring forward major innovations in the way the markets function. There had been a number of speculations that arose on the growth of this OS.

However, it has been nearly a year and a half since the release of the OS, and the Windows 10 OS is still growing strong. Microsoft has brought forward a number of innovations with this new OS. They have also been coming out with a number of constant updates and upgrades. The Windows 10 Anniversary update was a major update for the company. Microsoft has now announced that their Windows 10 OS is now running on over 400 million devices!

To focus more on the PC and the tablet business, Microsoft had decided to shut down most of their operations in the smartphone markets. While we still hear a rumor or two about the Windows 10 Mobile OS powered ‘Surface Phone’ coming out, they have greatly reduced in the past few months. In May, Microsoft had announced that the Windows 10 OS had crossed 300 million users. The company, in 5 months from then, has now crossed 400 Million users.

The figure was announced by Microsoft during their Ignite conference in Atlanta. The company has talked about 400 million ‘active’ devices. This includes everything from Windows 10 Mobile devices to the tablets as well as the hololens along with the computers. We now await the company’s next big update – the Redstone 2, which is all set to release later this year.