Samsung – one the biggest names in the markets of technology. This South Korean giant of a firm has been around the markets for a very long time. The company has been known in the past for their television sets and other household electronic devices. However in the past decade, Samsung has been known majorly for their smartphone division. The company is the leading name in the markets when it comes to the Android smartphones, and has been a major player since then. However, the past few weeks have not been so kind to Samsung. The company has lost out on a lot of goodwill due to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle. Samsung is now working on their gen-next A-series device, the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017).

The device is expected to release into the markets early next year. In fact, Samsung is now expected to release a large number of devices in the markets to compensate for their losses. Samsung has been known to be a company which has been coming out with a large number of releases in the past. However, the company slowed down their carpet-bombing approach recently, but they are likely to resume it now. The Samsung Galaxy A5 was recently spotted in the Wi-Fi certifications.

The smartphone is anticipated to release in two variants – one featuring a single-SIM support, and the other with a dual-SIM support. The device will release with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS out of the box. The Samsung Galaxy A5 is expected to release with a 3GB RAM and will be running on a Samsung Exynos 7880 chipset.

The smartphone is also likely to release with a 5.2 inched AMOLED display. It will support the 2.4GHz frequency as well as the shorter ranged 5.0GHz frequency. As of now no official details have rolled out from Samsung, but expect more leaks and announcements to happen in the months to follow.