In a story that we ran a few days ago, we reported that Twitter might soon be sold off. There have been a large number of rumors which have been flying around for a while. However, over the last few weeks, bigger names have started talking about this sale. Twitter has now been expected to be acquired shortly. As of now there are a large number of names in contention and the list keeps growing by the day. The most substantial name in the list has been that of Google and Salesforce so far. However, today, a new company has come to light. The Walt Disney Company is reportedly interested in buying Twitter.

This comes as a rather unlikely name. However, if we believe the buzz in the markets, it is likely that Twitter might actually end up getting sold off to the Walt Disney company. The Walt Disney company owns many major names in the markets of technology. This includes Marvel, as well as the Star Wars franchise. Twitter would be another feature in their cap.

Moreover, the word is, that Twitter might actually prefer being sold off to the Walt Disney Company owing to Jack Dorsey’s association with Twitter. He has been a board member with the company for quite a while now, and it might actually be in Twitter’s favor if they get acquired by familiar names.

This deal would be beneficial for both the parties, as Twitter would get the much required cash flow, while the Walt Disney company would get a massive audience along with Twitter’s live-streaming technologies. Twitter has been working hard towards improving these services. The company has been in quite some crisis recently. Twitter has been affected by a declining number of monthly active users when compared to other apps such as Snapchat. Twitter being acquired by the Walt Disney Company would indeed give it a major boost.