Samsung is reportedly gearing up to launch a hinged, convertible Chromebook that will ship with a stylus in the coming months. Since Google revealed that Android apps and the Play Store will be coming to Chromebooks, most have been eagerly anticipating using their favorite Android apps on a desktop platform. To that end, Samsung will soon be announcing a new Chromebook, named the Samsung Chromebook Pro, according to SamMobile.The device, spotted by SamMobile briefly appeared on two retail sites, before being quickly pulled down again, which suggests that it won’t be too long before being officially revealed by Samsung.

According to the pulled listings, the device will be called the Chromebook Pro, feature a 12.3-inch display (2,400 x 1,600 pixels), a 2.0GHz Hexacore processor, 2 USB-C ports and a claimed 10-hour battery life. Weight was listed at just over 1KG, while it’s just under 14mm thick. Interestingly, the unit, which appears to feature a hinged design so you can use it as a laptop or a tablet, also features a stylus like those found on its Note devices, but Samsung’s dropped the ‘S’ from ‘S-PEN’ for the Chromebook Pro. It seems to be fully integrated into the design for safe storage.

And best of all, you’ll be able to install Android apps on it - anyone running Chrome OS version 53 or newer can already install the update that allows Google Play (and therefore Android apps) to be installed on Chrome devices. While it’s a start towards a full, harmonized platform for Google, it’s not quite the blend of Android and Chrome OS that you’d hope. For now, for example, you’ll have to manually re-download any apps you want on your Chromebook, as they won’t automatically sync from your phone. Comment below and let us know if you are excited for the new device from laptop after the disaster of Note 7.