Twitter is among the biggest names in the world of social media. However, there has been a major problem that the company has been going through over the past few months. There has been quite a decline in the user activity, and while they have a large number of total registered users, Twitter is losing out on the active users. Apps like Snapchat have taken over Twitter in terms of active users, and the company is indeed going through a tough spot. It has now been reported that Google, along with Salesforce, is planning to buy Twitter.

The Sale of Twitter has been rumored for a very long time in the markets now. However, no company has officially stepped up and declared they intend to buy Twitter. With these latest reports leaking into the markets, it looks like Google and Salesforce intend to buy Twitter soon. This now starts off a fire in the markets, and it is expected that more names might emerge soon.

While nothing is official now, we at Newsient also expect, that at some point of time, Microsoft too is expected to bid into it. This speculation arises as Steve Ballmer, the former head of Microsoft is an investor in Twitter, and has faith in the platform. As of now we know no official sources that talk about Microsoft’s interest to buy Twitter. However, that could change with time.

For Google to buy Twitter would benefit the social network massively. While Google can finally own some part of a social network that actually works, Twitter too, could get the required cash flow from Google and Salesforce. For those who are not aware about it, Salesforce is a cloud computing firm based in California. With the two companies interested to buy Twitter together, it would be interesting to see if it actually happens!