Samsung is going through a tough time, and when tough time hits you, it hits hard. Samsung, which is going through a major international controversy with their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, is now involved in more international trouble. It was recently reported that a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone caught fire in India on a flight. This was a major security scare and led to a lot of panic. It was at that moment in time that it was announced that all the smartphones in the Samsung Galaxy Note series of devices are now banned for use in-flight in India.

India had earlier banned the usage of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone once the reports of it catching fire came out. However, with the Note 2 too, emitting smoke, the matter has become much serious now. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has now issued strict guidelines to all airlines, and they have stated that the airlines will now ban the use of all the smartphones in the Samsung Galaxy Note series.

The DGCA has also summoned Samsung officials to discuss the matter with them. This incident happened on an IndiGo flight from Singapore to Chennai at the Chennai airport. Passengers smelt smoke in the flight, and upon that happening, they immediately informed the flight officials. The crew found out that the smoke was coming from seat number 23C’s hat-rack. The pilots alerted the ATC, and all passengers were safely relocated.

“The crew discharged the fire extinguisher which is as per the Standard Operating Procedures prescribed by the aircraft manufacturer, and quickly transferred the Samsung note 2 into a container filled with water in lavatory,” a statement from IndiGo reads. This is indeed a dangerous matter, and it needs to be addressed on a priority basis by Samsung.