Back when the Android smartphones were new, not many manufacturers were as open to the idea of this new OS as HTC was. The company was among one of the first few names to adapt to the Android revolution, and started coming out with a number of Android smartphones. The company has been around for a really long while in the Android world, and has particularly been known for their hardware design, as well as the HTC Sense UI. HTC tends to bundle their own web browser with their smartphones, the HTC Internet app.

HTC Internet has been an app that has been as old as the first HTC Android device. The browser, over the years, has been used by less people progressively. HTC has realized that the competition that HTC Internet faces from the likes of Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera is immense. In light of saving resources and time, HTC has decided to no longer update their web browser.

The HTC Internet web browser will shut down on the 30th of November. It has been indicated that HTC is now looking forward towards a major change, and will begin from killing off this rather unused app. It is a good decision from HTC, as this app is a ‘dead weight’ for them.

Over time, users would still be able to use the HTC Internet browser, however it would not be updated after the 30th of November. It is highly unadvisable to even use this browser after the company ends support, as it will leave it open to any malicious intentions that can break through the browsers security. HTC has accepted the dominance of Google Chrome here, and has made a wise move to bow out of the browser markets, giving them more time and resources to invest on other aspects of their smartphone technology.