With every passing day, Uber is becoming more and more concerned about the safety of their passengers. The company is trying their best to offer the riders a safe experience, and wants to ensure that they ride worry-free. Uber usually runs a strict background verification before hiring drivers. They are also quite strict when it comes to the ratings of the drivers and tend to reprimand the drivers from time to time if their ratings fall below the required stars. The Uber Drivers will soon have to go through yet another layer of verification processes.

Uber is now asking the drivers in the US to take a selfie, where an automated, image-scanning and facial recognition technology will help verify that the drivers are who they are supposed to be. The drivers’ faces will be matched with their original images to ensure it is them who is driving the cab. This will help ensure that multiple Uber Drivers do not use the same account and the users are driven by the right person.

Not only does this give the riders a peace of mind, this also ensures that the Uber drivers do not engage in any fraudulent activities. This is a good step from Uber. As of now this has only been rolled out in the US, and it is being rolled out with the help of tech giant Microsoft. For those who might remember, Microsoft was showing off its vision-based technologies for age-guessing and matching similar faces a while ago.

Uber drivers will now be given three chances to verify their selfie with their default image. If they are unable to verify it in three chances, their account will be temporarily suspended. This is a strict move from Uber, but considering that the consumer safety is one of their primary concerns, this is much appreciated.