Today is a big day for the company formerly known as Snapchat. They announced two major announcements. Firstly, a big re-branding has come to them, as CEO Evan Spiegel has now announced that the company known as ‘Snapchat’ no longer exists, and it is now known as Snap Inc. The rebranding comes as a part of the company’s efforts to move beyond the app and to create more products, software and hardware. Second major announcement from Snap Inc was that of the arrival of the Snapchat Spectacles.

The Snapchat Spectacles are quite a spectacle. Snap Inc has released sunglasses which come out in three shades, teal, coral and black. What sets these sunglasses apart from your regular sunglasses is the fact that they come with two cameras attached on the top left and the top right corners. On the left, there is a button, tapping which would result in beginning of a 10 second video recording. Tapping the button one would result in an additional ten seconds, and the users can extend it up to 30 seconds of recording.

When the button is tapped, the users will be notified by an inward facing light. The cameras too, will glow and it will let the people know that they are being filmed. The Snapchat Spectacles are quite an innovation, and are quite different when compared to the last major innovation in eyewear in technology, the Google Glass. The Snapchat Spectacles will last for up to one full day on a single charge.

The company ships the Snapchat Specs along with a charging case, all for a total of $130. The pricing of the Snapchat Spectacles is just right, as it is quite affordable and anyone interested could easily purchase it. The cameras come with a 115-degree angle lens which give a more humanized experience to the videos. Videos taken on the snapchat spectacles will remain there, and will automatically be transferred to the devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The captured media would then appear on the memories section of Snapchat.