Microsoft last year acquired Calendar app Sunrise and integrated various features of the app. Now, the users will not get any update in the calendar app. Sunrise app has been shut down a few days ago. On Tuesday, Sunrise has been officially shut down, yet Microsoft has rolled out an update to its Outlook app for all the iOS and Android users which have various new features from the sunrise app.

Microsoft has earlier announced that will replace the sunrise app and now the outlook app has the similar design as the sunrise app. The company has integrated various special features in the sunrise app. In this new outlook update, all the events will feature special icons. Suppose, if you are planning for the dinner on a particular date then that event will feature a fork & knife.

Microsoft has also updated the app with Skype to improve the business and also made a new design of date and time picker by which you will be now able to open time from your emails. Also, major features include, if you add the address in your event you will receive updates from the bing and will show you the map in the outlook app. Also, you will be able to update the meeting timings with this app. The other members who are attending the meeting will be notified by the app. This new feature has been currently available for iOS users and will be soon rolled out for Android users.

Sunrise in the blog post said, “This is definitely the end of an era”. The company will be discontinued from Android, iOS, mac and web. In the new update, “interesting calendars” feature has been introduced. This feature has been previously announced for Office 365 users and users. Now, this feature will be soon rolled out for Android devices and is only available for users having Office 365 email. The special feature of this app is, you just subscribe to a local sports team calendar and you will be notified by events automatically.