One of the most requested features for Google Maps, especially in relation to Android Auto, was having speed limits appear in navigation. A number of infotainment systems that come with many cars these days have this ability. However, for some reason, Google didn’t add it until now. If you use Google Maps with Android Auto in the car, you’ll now see the speed limit in the lower right-hand corner of the display. Now this should work when you are using it for navigation, or just having Google Maps running (perhaps to see how traffic is, and such).

In a recent update to Google Maps, there was a new toggle found in settings for turning on the Speed Limit signs. However the toggle didn’t actually work, and it still doesn’t as of this writing. But the Speed Limit signs are appearing for some users.

The update also showed that Google Maps would show users how fast they are going, so you can see whether you are above or below the speed limit. It’s also not known whether Google will alert you when you are going above the speed limit or not. Something that the app should do, especially if it wants to keep drivers safe.

It’s a relatively small update to Google Maps, especially on the Android Auto side of things, but it is something that users are going to appreciate for sure. This feature should work just fine in the standalone Android Auto app that is slated to be coming to smartphones and tablets in the near future.

Google introduced a new Android Auto app at Google I/O this summer, which will allow you to get the Android Auto experience without needing to install a third-party head unit in your car, or buy a new car that has it built in. That app, however, is not yet available and Google hasn’t given any time frame of when that app will be available. However it could come as soon as this fall, along with Google Home, Google Assistant, Allo and other products that were showcased at Google I/O and slated for release this summer.