In fact, the Surface Pro 4 may have already stolen the spotlight from Apple’s Macbook series in this latest ad from Microsoft. the  Surface Pro 4 throws shade on the Macbook for not having a pen. The jab ranged from the pen less Macbook, to its nondetachable feature.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is equipped with a stylus pen lookalike, that users can actually write on the screen. The Macbook pro didn’t have that. The Surface Pro 4 is also detachable, giving user the option whether they want to use it as a tablet or a laptop. Here, the optional keyboard is just waiting to be used, or set aside.

However, the things mentioned in the ad was contradicted by a supposed Macbook Air fan? In a report by the Beta News, it’s unfair to compare the two devices when they are both designed for two very different reasons.

First, the Macbook Air is designed to be a laptop and not a tablet. It doesn’t have a touch screen concept, but has basically provided all the needs of a user. The upcoming Pro 4 on the other hand is designed to be a laptop, but with the side effect of being a tablet.

With the Macbook Air designed to be typed on, it’s obviously un-comparable to Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 which, in the early part has been designed to be a touch screen all along. A gentle reminder was also given that, when you buy the Surface Pro 4, you are only buying the tablet. The optional keyboard is being sold separately. No matter how simulated it can be, that extra cash spent for the keyboard is actually, cringe worthy.

Have you checked Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 lately? What you say about the device compared to Apple’s Macbook Air 13?