HP disclosed two new PC’s today namely, HP Pavilion Wave and HP Elite Slice in India. The PC are unveiled to provide better Entertainment experience and productivity at Home and Workspace. Ketan Patel, Director, Personal Systems Category, HP Inc. India said, “The HP Pavilion Wave and Elite Slice are the result of HP engineers and designers reinventing the desktop by rethinking its shape, size and look while adding functionality to enable new use case”.

HP Pavilion Wave

HP Pavilion Wave comes with a sixth generation Intel Core i7 quad-core processor Clubbed with 16GB of DDR4 RAM. The device will be available in two variants of Storage i.e. 1TB of SSD or 2TB of HDD. The triangular form parabolic reflector is integrated with the fully integrated audio system to provide 360 degrees sound. This new form is 85 percent smaller from other traditional tower PCs.

The triangular form has mainly three components, which supports the motherboard on one side, the hard drive on the second side and thermals on the third side. The thermals are made to remove heat from the motherboard and the graphics card to drive out to the top of the PC to keep the device running cool. As per the connectivity options, the device sports three 3.0 USB ports and one 3.1 USB Type-C port , one HDMI port, one DisplayPort, Gigabit Ethernet and a microphone/headphone jack.

HP Elite Slice

HP Elite Slice is developed to make better communications and collaborations with the outside world. It provides the user variety of options to pick and choose factory cover or stackable options to add functionality including the Collaboration Cover or Wireless Charging Cover and other modules such as an audio module or ODD (Optical Disk Drive) module.

HP Collaboration Cover turns your PC into SKYPE to easily manage calls. HP Collaboration Cover to automatically start wireless charging without the use of cables. With HP Audio Module you will be able to make clear calls as it provides 360 degrees audio system and ODD module is use to take backup from different devices easily.

The device is powered by 6th Generation Intel Core i7 processor. As per the connectivity options, it sports one Ethernet port, Wi-Fi, one HDMI and one DisplayPort. Also, it has a unique 360 dual pipe which is used to keep the device cool.

Price and Availability

HP Pavilion Wave is available at a base price of Rs 61,990 while the base price of HP Elite Slice is Rs 62,990. Also, the consumer can buy the desktop as per their requirement.  HP Pavilion Wave is expected to arrive at selected rich outlets & HPshopping.com on October 2nd,2016. HP Elite Slice is priced at Rs 62,990 will be available for shipment from October 1st,2016.