Adblock Plus today announced that it will now display adds to the users. As per the recent announcement, the company will not display all the ads that are annoying to the user but they will replace those ads with small, precise and good ads.

The company, Eyeo GmbH which has developed the software Adblock Plus has recently being partnered with tech firm ComboTag to create an automated ad marketplace, which can be called as ad exchange, the companies said. By doing this agreement, Publishers will be able to join in “Acceptable Ads Platform” and can exchange ad and place an ad on their web pages.

All the “Acceptable ads” will first pass the through the Adblock filters to check whether they are troublesome to the users. The “Acceptable Ad platform” will allow only those ads that accept Acceptable Ads criteria, which are small in size, properly placed and labeled , the company said.

Adblock Plus’ operations and communications director,Ben Williams said, “It allows you to treat the two different ecosystems completely differently and monetize each one”. Also added,  “And crucially, monetize the ad blockers on on their own terms.”

In this program, all the companies including Eyeo, ComboTag, Google and AppNexus, will firstly generate the revenue with the ads and then will sell to publishers site. Further, Eyeo added that a reminder will be sent to all the publishers. Apart from this, these ads will also be not sufficient for the publisher as they will not be able to display ads they need and will get less revenue.

By this new program, Publishers will get 80% of the total revenue and the remaining 20% will be divided among various third parties connected with those ads. Adblock will get 6% of the overall revenue.

Williams said that all the publishers will be not happy with this agreement first, but this program has been introduced to solve the issue that exists no matter what. “Ad blocking would have happened with our without us,” Williams added. He further added that “What we were able to do is try and reverse the spread of 100 percent black-and-white ad blocking, blocking everything. Acceptable ads was a pivot toward what we think is better”.

The company has today introduced this beta version. For now, the company will form a board of publishers, advertisers and various parties and will decide all the rules regarding this Acceptable Ads Platform. After that, all the information will be made public in this year and board meetings will be held in the next year.

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