Android O OTA Update Coming to Pixel Users in Mid-August


Last year when Google released the Google Pixel and Pixel XL devices, the company had stressed on the fact that Pixel stands for priority. The users of the Pixel devices would be given priority service and priority updates. Taking this claim forward, the Android O OTA update would first come to the Pixel users before it comes to any other device. Previous reports had indicated that Google plans to release this update late in July or early in August. However, as per new reports, the update would roll out in mid-August.

Google released the first developer preview of the Android O OS back in March. It was then the roadmap was also revealed. A total of four developer preview updates were planned, with the fourth update being near-final. The final, stable OS would feature just a minimal few upgrades compared to the fourth update. Three of these updates are already out, and the fourth one is expected before the end of this month. It is only after all four updates that the Android O OTA update would begin to roll out.

Last year, Google released the Android Nougat OS OTA update on the 22nd of August for the Nexus users. This year, the update would be coming out for the Pixel users. It is being expected that Google is targeting a maximum of 15th of August for the Android O OTA update rollout.

Google claims that the updates are on-time. However, the definition of on-time itself is subjective and Google can tweak it to meet their needs. Last year it was 22nd of August, this year on-time might be 15th of August. It is expected that in the weeks to follow we would be getting the fourth Android O developers preview as well as the official name of the Android O OS. Reports indicate its a close choice between oatmeal cookie and oreo. Stay tuned with us for more updates on the Android O OTA update.