Apple and Amazon Bidding for Film Distribution Rights for James Bond


Bond, James Bond. One of the most iconic lines in the history of cinema. The moment you hear it, you already paint a picture in front of you - a suave spy equipped with the best of technology, them fast cars and beautiful women! However, do you know that the James Bond franchise is worth $2 to $5 Billion? One of the biggest moneymakers in the history of Hollywood, Apple and Amazon have lined up for the distribution rights of the franchise.

Apple as well as Amazon have been trying to make their way into Hollywood. However, these two aren’t the only behemoths in the bidding. Time Warner’s Warner Bros, Sony, MGM, Comcast’s Universal Pictures, and 20th Century Fox are also a part of this process and established name in the world of cinema. With these silicon valley giants stepping forward, it looks like things are going to heat up. Currently the distribution rights are held by Sony.

Amazon already has somewhat of a foothold when it comes to cinema and films, as Amazon Studios produced Manhattan by the Sea which won an Oscar for the best actor to Casey Affleck. It would be interesting if they get the rights to distribute James Bond movies.

Reports indicate that Amazon and Apple are both willing to pay as much as what Time Warner is willing to bid for though a figure has not been revealed. Sony’s contract with the Bond franchise expired in 2015 after the last Bond movie, Spectre came out.

While many anticipated that Spectre was going to be the last James Bond film to feature Daniel Craig, he has now been confirmed for another movie. The bidding has begun for the distribution rights and it will be interesting to see how things go for these tech giants. Stay tuned with us for more updates.