As smartphones keep getting smarter, it looks like batteries are getting dumber. Last year, the scandal that dominated the markets was that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries catching fire. This year, it is all about iPhone 8 Plus batteries swelling and breaking the phone open. While the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were lacklusture in comparison to iPhone X, this was perhaps the last thing Apple wanted.

Last week there was a news report pointing out that an iPhone 8 Plus had ripped open because of a swollen battery. However most media houses dismissed this is a one-off incident. However this has again happened in at least two more instances, the latest of which comes from China.

While the news of a faulty battery might hurt Apple, the fact that this is happening in China is going to sting them even more. With the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X releases, Apple was trying hard to bounce back into the Chinese smartphone markets. If something goes wrong here, it would be a major blow to the company.

iPhone 8 Plus device owned by one Mr. Liu in China reportedly cracked open while charging. Similar instances have happened before too, in Taiwan and Japan. The phone isn’t heating up or catching fire, but is simply cracking open. The iPhone 8 Plus battery is getting swollen up, causing the casing to crack open from the sides.

An Apple spokesperson said the company is looking into the matter and declined to comment further. Apple is aware of the matter and we expect them to come out with a solution soon.

This isn’t even the first time Apple phones have had a physical defect. There have been issues like antennagate in the past. More recently, the bendgate scandal was causing phones to crack up when applied even the slightest pressure, even in your pockets.