Facebook Messenger to Introduce Tinder-Like Feature To Hang Out with Friends


Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular applications for communicating with friends. Whether it is for a casual chat, or for travel plans, or just to play a game with your friend - Messenger has become the go-to app for interaction between users. The Facebook Messenger is now experimenting with a new feature which will allow you to socialize more.

This new feature pops up as a notification on the Facebook Messenger which says something like: ‘Jane Doe and 15 others may want to meet up with you this week’. Basically you will be shown 15 of your nearby friends with the option of choosing ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ if you want to hang out with them. Your option will be kept private unless both of you choose Yes, in which case you could make plans and hang out.

What makes this Tinder-like is the fact that the app has Yes and No options and if both of you choose Yes, you would both be notified - this is pretty similar to swiping on Tinder and if both of you swipe right ‘it’s a match’ notification pops up. However the biggest difference here is that Facebook Messenger wants you to hang out with people you already know rather than hanging out with strangers which Tinder lets you do.

The feature is currently being tested in Canada and as of now there’s no word about when a bigger, global rollout may follow. Facebook Messenger now wants you to socialize with people in real life too. Back when Facebook started off it was more about digital socialization - it now looks like Facebook wants you to go out and meet up with your friends in real life.

This feature can act as a great ice breaker and would allow you to hang out with your friends without a particular agenda in mind. Do let us know if this update has reached you in the comments below!