Microsoft Clears the Air Around the Future of MS Paint


Less than 24 hours ago, Microsoft Paint, the innocuous little app that lies in the depths of your start menu was all over the internet. The app which has been around for over 30 years now, was spotted on a list of  “features that are removed or deprecated in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update”. This led to a major outrage as a number of users, drenched in nostalgia began to bid farewell to the app. Microsoft has however, commented on the matter and has clarified what the future of MS Paint is going to be.

In a post on the official blog, with an image that says We Still Heart MS Paint, the company has clarified that the beloved basic image editing app is not going anywhere. MS Paint is here to stay, says Microsoft. Microsoft then talked about the new version of paint that they had introduced last year, Paint 3D. The company said that Paint 3D will continue to get updates. In addition to the newly introduced 3D capabilities, many features of MS Paint have been introduced in the Paint 3D app as well.

“MS Paint is here to stay, it will just have a new home soon, in the Windows Store where it will be available for free. Paint 3D - the new app for creativity, also available for free with the Windows 10 Creators Update, will continue to get new feature updates. In addition to the new 3D capabilities, many of the MS Paint features people know and love like photo editing, line and curve tools, and 2D creation are in Paint 3D.”

Following the news yesterday, there was an overwhelming display of love and nostalgia for the app which nobody prefers to use otherwise. While the presence of MS Paint is comforting, its absence would be deafening. For those who may miss the app, they will be able to download it from the Windows Store moving forward.