Microsoft Surface Phone Speculations Rise Again: Microsoft Hints Next Phone ‘Might Not Look Like a Phone’


Microsoft is among the most popular brands when it comes to the world of technology. Known to be a giant in the software markets, Microsoft has also been working hard on their hardware division lately. Microsoft, with the Surface series of devices has had a few good years in hardware division as well. However, the company is all set to take things one major step forward, as the Surface Phone announcement is finally expected over the next few months.

The Windows Phone devices have had a disastrous run in the markets over the years. All eyes are now on Microsoft releasing the Surface Phone which might help their smartphone division get the much needed push. Microsoft has time and again teased this Surface Phone device over the years, though it has never really come out. The latest tease comes from Satya Nadella himself, who stated that Microsoft will indeed make more phones in the future.

“We make phones today, we have OEMs like HP making phones and others, and we picked a very specific area to focus on which is management, security, and this one particular feature that we have called Continuum, which is a phone that can even be a desktop,” the Microsoft CEO said. “So when you say ‘when will we make more phones’ I’m sure we’ll make more phones. But they may not look like phones that are there today.”

Microsoft has had good ideas with their phones. The concept that Microsoft’s ‘continuum’ introduced was adapted by Samsung this year with the Samsung Galaxy S8. While Surface Phone is being rumored since 2014, we don’t really expect it to come out any time before 2018. Microsoft stating that phones may not look like phones might also hint at a foray into VR, similar to how Facebook had teased earlier.