Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Likely to Feature Force Touch (3D Touch)


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is among one of the most awaited smartphones of the year. The phone is all set to launch on the 23rd of August. With about 2 weeks to go, the excitement is now at an all time high. With every passing day we get to know more about this phone from Samsung. Over the past few days, details on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 specifications, pricing, wallpapers and color variants have all leaked. Today, a new feature came to light. Reportedly, the phone would support force touch technology

Force touch was introduced by Apple with their iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus smartphones. Since then a number of phones have tried and implemented it such as the Huawei Mate S. Android Nougat too, has tried to introduce a similar feature. However the Android Nougat force touch feature works in a different manner as it does not require a special force sensitive display.

In Android, users could hold on to an icon for a while and that would pop up the quick access menu featuring various shortcuts. However, in Apple’s devices it works in a different mechanism as it involves a pressure sensitive display. The phone knows where you are applying pressure and based on the amount of pressure certain actions can be taken. For example zooming in into a particular part of a picture or a map, etc.With the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 getting the force touch, expect similar features.

Force touch on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphone is expected to perform various similar tasks. Current reports indicate that the force touch feature would be a part of the virtual home button on the phone where pressing it harder would lead to the popping up of a shortcuts menu. More details are expected as we head closer to the launch. Stay tuned with us for more details on the Note 8.