What’s New in Android O Developer Preview 4: Tweaks to Lockscreen, Notifications and Easter Egg


Android 8.0, or as we popularly know it, Android O, is all set to launch by mid-August. Google laid the foundation of this OS back in late March when they released the first developer preview. Since then, two more developer previews had come out, and today, the fourth and the final preview, the Android O Developer Preview 4 has rolled out. With this preview having come out, next stop is that of the final version of the OS.

This fourth developer preview is as close as it gets to the final version of the Android O OS. It includes various tweaks and improvements. These are very minor changes, but it is the attention to detail which makes Google the international giant that it today is.

Android O Developer Preview 4: All the Changes

Android O Developer Preview 4 features some changes which will make you wonder why Google even decided to introduce them in the first place. However, these are all welcome changes. Let us take a closer look:

Changes to Lock Screen

Compared to the Android Nougat OS, Android O will introduce a clock which is considerably smaller in size. Moreover, another minor change has been made in the font style. If you notice, the Android Nougat users have the day and the date in all caps. However, with the Android O OS coming out, the Android O Developer Preview 4 changes the font to a more pleasing mix of capital letters and small letters.

Changes to Notifications Shade

On the left, you can see the older version of the Android O Developer Preview 3. On the right is the latest update, the Android O Developer Preview 4. Some changes are quite obvious, like how the ‘No service’ text has been replaced by ‘Emergency Calls Only’ (though this has occasionally been seen in Nougat). Another major change which is prominent here is that of the battery percentage indicator being made bolder, which makes it convenient to look at. Moreover, eagle eyed users have pointed out that the date at the bottom has been made more wider, and hence, clearer.

Changes to System App Icons

For years, Android has used the green droid as the icon for apps that have no icon, or are system apps. However, following the Android O Developer Preview 4, a new and improved version of the Droid has been introduced. This new icon features just the head of the droid placed on a teal background. This looks more modern and apt for Android 8.0 OS. A welcome change.

Easter Egg in Android 8.0

In addition to all the updates that are introduced with this new version of the Android OS, Google has also introduced an Easter Egg. With every Android OS we see an Easter egg. This year, it is not in the form of a food item, but in the form of an Octopus which will just aimlessly wander around the screen. Users can manually pull and relocate it by pushing it around using its head.