Chrome Task Manager Guide


Chrome Task Manager is a task manager which Google has built inside the Chrome browser. In this article, you’ll be getting some tips on using the Chrome task manager. We all might know that there’s a task manager on any OS such as Windows where we can look for the tasks which are currently running, their memory usage, CPU performance and other statistics. It helps in understanding the CPU’s utilization, memory usage and other such statistical figures, with which the system’s performance can be boosted up.

Even the Google Chrome has a task manager from where we can get information such as network activity, CPU usage etc. They show the exact figure of the amount of memory consumption in case of a browser. The multi-process architecture provides individual data of the processes that are happening on that particular instant. If you look into the Chrome task manager currently you can find the newsiest web page and the memory, CPU, network usages and Process ID.

The multi-process architecture provides individual data of the processes that are happening on that particular instant. If you look into the Chrome task manager on your device currently you can find the memory, CPU, network usages and Process ID of every tab that is open. You can also kills some tabs which are not responsive from there.

How to open Chrome Task Manager on Windows or Chrome OS

  • Open Google Chrome web browser and click on the Chrome menu button on the right-hand top of the Chrome’s window. (Three dots)
  • When the drop-down menu appears to hover the cursor on the ‘More Tools’ now you can see an extended sub-menu where ‘Task manager’ would be enlisted. Click it and the task manager screen would appear.
  • Now you can look into the tasks and performance happening on Google Chrome.
  • Apart from this method, you can also use the shortcut method to open Chrome Task
  • Manager by clicking ‘Shift+Esc’ on both Windows and Chrome OS.
  • It would be helpful if you open multiple web pages and look in the Chrome task manager where the network, CPU and memory consumption is clearly shown rather than directly opening the task manager.

How to open Chrome Task Manager on Mac OS X

  • Use the window bar on the Chrome menu bar which would be in the top of the Google Chrome browser page.
  • A drop-down menu would appear where ‘Task Manager’ option would be labeled.
  • Chrome task manager is also available on the ‘More Tools’ section of the Google Chrome’s menu on the top right.
  • Safari is the most used browser on Mac but due to the functionalities, utilities and accurate search result Chrome is also used by Mac users.

Benefits of Chrome Task Manager

  • Every single tab is considered as a single task. You can monitor on the tasks happening on Chrome and can end tasks too with the option ‘End Process’.
  • If one particular web page lags or crashes it does not matter on the whole system. All but that particular page would be working fine unless Google Chrome application crashes or goes not responding.
  • All the threads are individually connected which would not affect the entire system.
  • Chrome task manager also shows the performance, memory consumption of plugins, extensions currently on the browser.
  • A bird’s eye view of all the task running currently with the memory, CPU and network consumption.
  • There are a lot more options in the Chrome task manager apart from memory, CPU, and the network such as GPU memory, image cache, JavaScript memory etc. Which helps in a lot of analysis and performance calculation.
  • Chrome Task Manager is also helpful to monitor the data consumption of a particular task even when it lags. The network usage would show the page being loaded.
  • Most of the times we feel that using multiple tabs won’t consume system memory and network as they are already loaded, but with the help of Chrome task manager, we can look for the page getting updated, network consumption for every refresh and many such statistics.
  •  The CPU’s start time and end time can be monitored on every single task.
  • We generally know that Google Chrome as a whole consumes a lot of memory on any device, but the Chrome task manager would show the individual consumption of every single task which is running on Google Chrome.

Browser with a search engine was used for social media, research, data exchange and other such purposes. But hardly few would know about the other features of Chrome such as Chrome task manager, wallpaper of the browser, extensions etc. There are a lot of functionalities in every new technology which we use on a regular basis but, we need to explore which would be helpful and makes our life easier. Being technically advance is one of the most important aspects in the 21st century.