MIUI 9 Specifications and Features Announced


Xiaomi has a unique advantage when it comes to the world of smartphone technology - two of its biggest markets are two of the biggest markets of the world. With a firm grip over China and India, Xiaomi, which is often referred to as the Apple of the East, has been working in developing many new smartphones. Their MIUI OS too, has been around for many years and is quite unique. Today, the company brought to us the MIUI 9.

Xiaomi’s gen-next MIUI OS is them finally preparing an MIUI that works on the Android Nougat OS. The aim is to bring the latest Android OS to as many Xiaomi smartphones as possible. The latest OS from Xiaomi was announced at an event in China today where the company also announced the Mi 5X - the first Xiaomi phone to release with MIUI 9. Let us now take a look at the recently launched OS from Xiaomi:

MIUI 9 Features

Xiaomi’s latest OS brings to the table a number of new features and improvements. Being based on Android Nougat, it brings basic features such as split screen multitasking, etc. However, the company has added a number of new features of their own and has improved the performance of devices it runs on. The OS introduces three major features: Image Search, Smart Assistant and Smart Apps Launcher. Here’s a closer look at these new features:

MIUI 9: Image Search

Xiaomi’s latest OS update brings a brand new feature to your phone - image search. image search allows you to look up images that you have taken based on keywords. If you are looking for images of mountains that you have clicked, just search ‘mountains’, if you’re looking for that day when it snowed, search for ‘snow’, if you’re looking for Christmas photos, search ‘Christmas’. This works in a manner very similar to what we have seen in Google Photos in the past.

MIUI 9: Smart Assistant

Does it happen to you sometimes that you are looking for a setting but it is buried deep within the menus? Modern day smartphones have become quite complex and it requires a really smart human to know where everything is. However, the Smart Assistant that MIUI 9 introduces comes with a solution to this - you can simply search for it. Users can search for any setting, any file or any photo and that would be instantly presented to them!

MIUI 9: Smart App Launcher

The smart app launcher takes into context the content of your screen, and provides the users with suggestions of what apps they should use for the same. This is another interesting feature that Xiaomi has introduced with this new version of MIUI.

Other Improvements

In addition to these major new features, the company has also ensured that there are other changes. A new default theme has been introduced. In addition to that, three new themes have been brought in - No Boundaries, Color Fantasy and Cool Black. The design on the lock screen has also been revamped. Talking of the lock screen, you can simply swipe right on the lock screen to start of the torch. Xiaomi, however, has stated that not all the features would be coming to the Global ROM and some would be exclusive to China.