More Google Pixel 2 Features Emerge: Always On Display, Squeezable Frame Functions


Google decided to enter the hardware markets last year, and came up with the Google Pixel smartphones. The Pixel devices have since been spectacular in terms of performance, but the sales have been rather slow, considering that they were a new entrant in the market. Now that the phones have proven their worth, Google is all set to take things to the next level with the Google Pixel 2 series of smartphones.

Recently, a set of leaks indicated how the gen-next Google Pixel phones would look like. These phones have quite a few changes from last years’ devices, and offer a modern day look and feel, complete with a squeezable frame and a large display. Latest set of information regarding the Google Pixel 2 and the Pixel XL 2 tells us more about these upcoming phones from Google.

The latest information indicates that the LG AMOLED panel used on the phones would help provide an Always-On Display. This would be quite similar to what Samsung has on the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphones as of now. While the current display is an ‘ambient’ display which wakes up when a notification arises, the always-on display would feature a minimal UI at all the times, giving a quick look at info.

Google’s plans to introduce a squeezable frame with the Google Pixel 2 devices have also been thrown some more light upon, as this information comes via XDA. The squeezable frame of the phone is expected to perform features like silencing phone calls, activating the assistant regardless of the screen being on or off.

An easter egg which will have something to do with an Octopus has also been suspected, possibly having nothing to do with Android ‘O’, but something to do with it being 8.0. As of now these are the only details which are available. Stay tuned with us for more updates on the Google Pixel 2 and the Pixel XL 2 smartphones.