Hotmail Iniciar Sesion


Hotmail iniciar sesion is a spanish word which is means as “Hotmail Sign in”. There are times when you aren’t able to iniciar sesion en Hotmail (sign in at Hotmail). An Hotmail account helps you to perform a lot of things on your Windows system too. For an instance, To update or download apps or packages on Microsoft you need to have a Microsoft account, Hotmail is a part of Microsoft, so you can sign in to your Hotmail account and update or download things.

One doesn’t search or look for Hotmail iniciar sesion without a reason, there are times that the network/ISP has blocked the site. In case you aren’t able to iniciar sesion en Hotmail, then you are at a right place, After following this guide, you’ll surely be able to Hotmail iniciar sesion.

Hotmail Iniciar Sesion Problema

This article won’t just help you to iniciar sesion en Hotmail, but it will also solve a lot of other problems you might be having. It has a lot of problems which might be blocking you from accessing the Hotmail Sign in page. So without, wasting a minute more, let’s start troubleshooting the problem with the below methods.

Cómo Hotmail Registrarse?

This is a very silly issue, there are chances that you might be trying to iniciar sesion en Hotmail, but might have failed because, you’ve not registered on Hotmail. Follow the below steps to registrarse en Hotmail. Once you Hotmail registrarse then you can use the Hotmail from next time by just Hotmail Iniciar sesion.

  • Open Hotmail to registrarse an account on Hotmail. From the Hotmail Iniciar Sesion select the ‘Create One‘ to registrarse. A form would be in front of your screen now. You need to fill the details such as First name, Last name, select a username and the closest name available would be displayed on screen next to If your name is not very popular then there are chances you may get a Hotmail with your name directly.
  • Create a safe and secure password which you can remember while Hotmail Iniciar Sesion from next time.
  • Tips while choosing a password- Make sure you have a password above 8 characters. Include both lower and upper case, user numbers and a special character which would make your account safe and secure. You can use #,%,$ and other such special character for the password.
  • Enter the password and reconfirm it in the next text box again. Do not copy the password from the text box as Re-enter would accept copy-paste option but when you enter a password twice you can remember while you Hotmail Iniciar Sesion next time. If you make a mistake while entering the password first time then the same would be saved in the Microsoft database.
  • Select your country from the next drop down menu. You can type the first letter of your country after the drop-down menu to find your country easily. Enter your date of birth from the Month, Day, Date drop down menus respectively. Select your gender or you can select it as ‘Not Specified’ if you wish so.
  • Enter your phone number in the next section which would be used to verify and secure the account. If any unauthorized person tries to log in, you would get an alert on your phone. Select your country code from the list for ex +34 for Spain followed by 10 digit mobile number. If you have an alternative email ID then enter it. Alternate mail ID is again is used for security reasons which would be warned while a breach is attempted.
  • Enter the character verification or choose audio and type the word which you can hear for verification. Press the ‘Create Account‘ to registrarse on Hotmail.

 Cómo Hotmail Iniciar Sesion?

If you have successfully registrado on Hotmail then you can now use the Hotmail Iniciar Sesion. You can check for emails and other notifications from Hotmail. In order to Hotmail Iniciar Sesion go to your browser and open, Now in the Hotmail Iniciar Sesion page, you can enter either mobile number, email ID or Skype ID if you have and select ‘Next‘. In the next window type your password in the text box and tick the checkbox if you want to keep signed in. Now press the Hotmail Iniciar Sesion and you would be in your mail box.

Olvidé mi contraseña de Hotmail

No issues if you have forgotten your Hotmail password. There are ways you can change your password and back again.

  • Go to and enter your Username and click Next.
  • In the next page select the ‘I Forgot my password‘ option and press next.
  • Enter the email ID that you used to login to your Microsoft account and proceed with verification either characters or audio and press ‘Next.’
  • You would get a security code verification from Microsoft which can be selected to either email ID or registered mobile number which would be partially displayed with asterisks.
  • Select the mode you want to get notified and enter the verification code. Now you would get a link to reset your password on email. Reset your password with a new one and reconfirm the password. Now you can check with Hotmail Iniciar Sesion.

Cómo Hotmail iniciar sesion cuando está bloqueado

Hotmail Iniciar Sesion if Microsoft blocks your Hotmail account. While logging in you will get a page saying ‘Your account has been blocked‘ press the continue button from the blocked page.

When your Hotmail account is blocked then you can get it unblocked in two ways. Either by getting a notification from Hotmail to your registered email ID to SMS to the registered phone.

If your account is not blocked for the first a different message would appear. The Hotmail would show you this message as a matter of abundant precaution. This is sent only in case if the Windows computer seems like compromised to Microsoft.

In the next step, you would be requested to enter the old password which you used to Hotmail iniciar sesion. Enter a new password which is above 8 characters and reconfirm the password. Use an alphanumeric password with special characteristics for better safety. Once you are done with this you must review the email ID and mobile number and confirm it. If you want to change then you can delete them and review back.

Hotmail iniciar sesion no funciona

If the server is down and the data is not taken into consideration while Hotmail iniciar sesion then there are chances of ‘Hotmail iniciar sesion no funciona’. Wait for 24 hrs and retry to Hotmail iniciar sesion.

  1. Check for Caps Lock while you enter the password during Hotmail iniciar sesion.
  2. Make sure to add or in the username.
  3. If you have changed the password then recheck with the password and wait for some time till it gets updated. If still not possible try to change again and note down the password this time.
  4. Contact the MSN customer support through any other email and get the solution for the Hotmail iniciar sesion no funciona.