iPhone 8 Might Feature a Mirror Like Exterior


Apple’s gen-next iPhone device, the iPhone 8 is being eagerly awaited by a number of users. The phone is expected to be a major release for Apple, especially considering the fact that this is going to be the tenth anniversary of the iPhone. The company has been reported to bring forward a number of changes in the way things function in an iPhone. In a latest report, it is being reported that the iPhone 8 will feature a mirror like body.

Of late, it has been noted that phones tend to feature newer color variants to attract users. Especially over the past couple of years we have seen newer color variants than ever before. Till 2014 or even 2015, green, red, blue colored phones were unheard of, or very rare. However, over the past couple of years these variants have become increasingly common. The rarer the color, the more attractive the phone. iPhone 8 is going to give it a new twist with a ‘mirror’ colored exterior of the phone.

As of now details are yet to be known about what exactly this color would be called, but leaked images do indicate that it will indeed feature a very shiny surface that would show you your own reflection on the back - quite an innovative body type from Apple for the iPhone 8. Apple does focus on colors a lot, as last year they launched a ‘jet black’ iPhone, which was a shade of black of Apple’s own creation. Moreover, the company launched the red colored iPhone variants earlier this year.

With reports indicating a mirror colored iPhone 8 would be coming out next year, it would be interesting to see how Apple pulls this off and what they would name the variant. While the current generation of iPhone devices are available in six variants, reports indicate that the iPhone 8 would come out only in 4 variants, including this mirror variant. Details on the other three variants are yet to be known, however it is expected that they would be out of the existing colors.