Could The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Possibly Launch on 23rd of May?


Microsoft is the biggest name when it comes to software markets around the globe. The company has now been working on bringing forward a change in the way we know hardware devices to be too. This change is being brought forward with the Surface series of devices. Last week Microsoft introduced the Windows 10 S Operating System and the Surface Laptop. It is now expected that on 23rd of May, Microsoft will announce the Surface Pro 5 tablet - their gen-next Surface device.

Microsoft is all set to hold a hardware event in Shanghai on the 23rd of May. Panos Panay, Microsoft’s vice president of devices and the creator of the Surface, announced the event on Twitter with the hashtag “#Surface.” With a surface device to be announced at the event, and the Surface Laptop already announced, Microsoft has two options - either the Surface Phone, or the Surface Pro 5.

Microsoft did drop a few hints regarding their plans for their smartphone division. Satya Nadella said their next phone might not even look like a phone. Possibly hinting at the Surface Phone. However, the Surface Phone does not look like a practical alternative at this point of time, and we are anticipating the company to indeed launch the Surface Pro 5. As of now there are no official details about the upcoming Microsoft tablet, however, here’s what to expect:

What to expect from Surface Pro 5

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5 is expected to feature a 12.3 inched, 4K display. The device is expected to come out with an Intel Kaby Lake Core i7 processor, along with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD storage. The device is also speculated to release with the surface dial. As of now these are the speculations that have been making rounds on the rumor mills Stay tuned with us for more info on the upcoming Surface device!

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