Google Testing New Carded Layout For Google Search Results


Over the years we know Google to be an organization which has brought forward numerous changes in the world of internet technology. Google makes everything from smartphones to technology that powers self driving cars. However they are most popularly known for Google Search. In a latest, exclusive bit of news, we have come across a change in the way Google is planning to show results in Google search.

When searching for Newsient from our Google Chrome for Android, we noticed that the search results were slightly different from how they used to be. Google is now showing a more detailed card for the website showcasing a short bit of information about the website as provided in the description of the website.

This new Google Search UI is quite interesting and is appearing only for some users as of now. Google is giving carded UI a more detailed approach than ever before. This sort of carded UI has been spotted in the past as well, most notably in Google Now. However, this time around the way we see search results is being revamped. The search results showcases the website URL in full, along with the four dots that indicate Google Assistant, tapping which would fetch information via the assistant.

In addition to this, the new Google Search UI also brings forward a couple of other changes such as the categories of the website being displayed in detail. This, in our case is Apple News, Internet,  etc. It is interesting to see Google has been revamping the search layout every now and then. However, for now, it appears that this is just a test update and is being carried out on an experimental basis.

Not all devices are showing it, as the update seems to be rolling out on a random basis. There’s a possibility it might not even see the light of the day and pulled away without a launch. Stay tuned with us for more details on this update.